Familien Hartenthaler, Mauz und Tschichholz

James Hudson Taylor + Maria Jane Dyer (F44762)

No children
Birth: May 21, 1832Barnsley, Yorkshire, England, GBR
Death: June 3, 1905Changsha, Wangcheng, Hunan, CHN
Maria Dyer
Birth: about January 16, 1837 32 36 Melaka, Melaka, MYS
Death: July 23, 1870Zhenjiang, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, CHN
Samuel Dyer
Birth: February 20, 1804 34 34 Royal Greenwich Hospital; St Alphage; Greenwich, London, England, GBR
Death: October 24, 1843Macau, CHN
Birth: May 5, 1800Finsbury, Greater London, England, GBR
Death: October 21, 1846Pulau Pinang, MYS

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Address: The British Consulate, Ningpo, China
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