Heinrich Henry Stümpges (I1938) , 18261907 (aged 81 years)

Heinrich Stümpges
Heinrich /Stümpges/
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1900 USA Volkszählungstranskription - August Herman Stuempges - Haushalt Zählkreis 321, Register 1241554, Blatt 6, Familie 87, Zeile 36 Irene, Turner, South Dakota, USA

Name Relation Race Sex DOB Age MC YrsM ChB ChL BP FBP MBP YUS YOI N/A Occupation MnsU Edu Eng? Home
August Herman Stuempges head W M Sep 1869 30 M 2 - - IA Ger Ger Farmer YY Y RFF 84
Dorothea Brockmüller Ehefrau W F Sep 1879 20 M 2 1 1 SD Ger Ger YY Y
Heinrich Stümpges Vater W M Apr 1826 74 M 44 - - Ger Ger Ger 51 1849 x YY Y
Fredericke Anna Katherina Rosenmeier Mutter W F Nov 1827 72 M 44 7 6 Ger Ger Ger YY Y
Henry Stuempges
  • Moved from Sheboygan, WI to Clayton County, IA (2 1/2 miles south of Monona) in 1863 with 4 daughters, and lived here with the Eiferts until they purchased a small farm.
  • Later they bought 80 acres of land from Charles Lang 6 mile east of Monona.
  • A few years after this they bought 20 acres of black walnut timber land and 80 acres of fire-swept land which they cleared the stumps out of for farming.
  • In 1879, he drove a team of colts to Dakota territory to homestead in Turner County and left them in the Kuhler's pasture who were former neighbors from Iowa. The town of Wakonda is about a mile east of the Kuhler farm.