Elaine Florella Stuempges (I4087) , 19261987 (aged 60 years)

Elaine Florella Stuempges
Elaine Florella /Stuempges/
Given names
Elaine Florella

Elaine Florella Stuempges (I4087) has 15 first cousins recorded

Father's family (15)

Parents Lewis Carl Stuempges + Abbie Louise Clark
Parents Harvey Alfred Owen + Hazel Ida Stuempges
1 Vivian Ida Owen (I4520) 19102005
Parents Adolf Julius Stuempges + Mable Marie Parsons
Parents Edward Willie Eddie Stuempges + Nina Electa Mikkelson
3 Private (I1904)
Parents Herman Frank Stuempges + Dorothy Elida Carlson
1 Private (I4508)
2 Private (I25872) Birth
Parents Irvin Albert Stuempges + Audrey Loretto Meye
1 Private (I9402)
2 Private (I9403)
3 Private (I9404)
Parents Joseph Hanke + Bernice Stuempges
1 Private (I9398)
2 Private (I9399)
3 Private (I9400)

Mother's family (0)

Nick Gombash über Elaine Stuempges

Elaine Stuempges, is the grandparent I know the most about. I've been fortunate enough to have been (and continue to be) told stories from my mom and aunt about my grandma, that I cherish every day. I really should write down everything they tell me! The Stuempges are pure German, having immigrated directly to Wisconsin in the 1850's.