Celia Bertha Erdman (I4093) , 18991996 (aged 96 years)

Celia Bertha Erdmann
Celia Bertha /Erdman/
Given names
Celia Bertha
Celia Erdman - Biography

Written by Celia's grandson, Richard J. Maresh, 28 July 2009, Holmen, Wisconsin, USA

Celia was born 10 May 1899 on the family farm in Douglas County, SD, near the town of Armour. She was the youngest of 8 children.

She was about 14 when her dad moved off the farm into the city of Mitchell. Celia finished high school - her oldest brother Henry already had a PhD and became a college professor and her sister Lena spent some time teaching, so education was valued in the family.

She went into a nursing program there in Mitchell. It was while she was there that she met Fred Maresh; he had moved into Mitchell from Brule County, perhaps 45 miles west of Mitchell. Fred was hospitalized for appendicitis.

They were married on 1 January 1922.

Their three children were born in consecutive years: Ray in 1923 (March 20), Richard in 1924 (October 3), and Darlene in 1925 (December 27).

Sadly, Fred turned out to be an alcoholic - although not without his good moments - and the marriage ended by 1935 - obviously I'm making a long story short here. He moved out to California and Celia stayed in Mitchell.

She raised her children as a "single mom" before it was all that common; those were difficult times, the 1930s, and the family lived in many different places around town, always looking for a cheaper rent...

In 1948 Celia married Andy Mettler - we all remember Andy very well - they used to visit us in Fullerton quite often. Those were very nice memories. That Canadian bacon was great!

Celia had Andy for 24 years - they were a good couple together - and then she lived on for another 24 years after he died in 1972. We used to visit her in Mitchell quite regularly in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Eventually she moved out to Scottsdale to be near her daughter Darlene.

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